Training Service

Masada Tactical System Israel has proven experience working with governments and corporations. Our training programs employ the most advance training methods and are customized to address the various challenges facing our clients. All Masada Tactical System Israel  instructors are former military special forces and security personnel with decades of international training experience.

Wide range
of offerings

Government Training Programs Include

▶ Counter-Terrorism
▶ Special Forces Training - Military / Police/
▶ Secret Service
▶ Security Facilities
▶ Close Protection
▶ Maritime Security
▶ Marine patrol units
▶ Intelligence
▶ Surveillance
▶ Riot Control
▶ Operational Driving
▶ UAV Operators
▶ K-9 Training
▶ Tactical Medicine
▶ Tactical combat shooting

Corporate Training Programs Include

▶ Advanced Security Methods
▶ Emergency preparedness
▶ Security Awareness (physical and cyber)
▶ Open-Source Intelligence
▶ Medical Training
▶ Self-Defense Programs


Masada Tactical System Israel 

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