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The capacity to recognize and mitigate risks is essential to a successful security program in today's constantly evolving security environment.

Masada Tactical system israel offers professional services that are centered on quality through its subsidiaries to protect people, infrastructure, and other important assets and investments. Our mission is to provide business continuity that meets client objectives. We are known for our exceptional ability to manage complicated security programs with the utmost professionalism and unmatched customer care.

Organizations rely on Masada Tactical system israel and its affiliates to protect their vital assets while lowering costs and decreasing risks before they might negatively affect operations. Our cutting-edge, specialized security solutions are created to simplify operations and enable our customers to concentrate on their key corporate or governmental goals in a safe setting. Through its subsidiaries, Masada Tactical system israel provides a customer-centric strategy that combines broad command leadership, operational excellence, and best practices from the sector to provide a solution that is both cost-efficient and valuable.

Professional, Reliable Security Solutions to Protect Infrastructure and Personnel

Wide range
of offerings


Maritime Division provides high end security solutions to the shipping industry, private companies and the governmental sector.
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Our intelligence division provides wide range of services. The division is led by former experts from the intelligence branches of the Israeli secret service and military.
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The objective of the security assessment is to prevent crime and terror while maintaining the highest standards of security professionalism.
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Cyber Security

Proactive security monitoring and oversight 24/7.
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Close Protection

VIP and High-Net-Worth Individuals' Security and Risk Mitigation.
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Security Project Management

manage the security of their daily operations. In every project, we integrate the most advanced intelligence methods, planning skills and unique technologies.
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