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Why We Are The Best

Masada tactical system israel Is a world wide security specialist & tactical training company that provide consulting and training for government agencies, military special forces, police & correction swat units and security agencies in israel and abroad


About us

Masada tactical system Israel was established by former officers and operatives from the Israeli police and prison swat, who together share many years of project management experience in more than 40 countries.

Masada tactical system Israel is an Israeli Defense Force (IDF)' contractor and is listed as an approved supplier for the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

Masada tactical system Israel Training and Security cadre is composed of formerprofessionals from the following units: Israel's national SWAT (YAMAM);Israeli prison SWAT (MASADA) ; Israeli Special Forces (Flotilla 13 Navy SEALS; Air Force Commando Unit; Intelligence Commando) and governmental protection units (Prime Minister Protection Unit/Governmental Facility Protection Units).

Proffesional security services

With years of experience in the governmental and private security sectors we have created and adapted methods, courses and top notch military and security technologies for our clients around the world
We provide security solutions for individuals and organizations We offer risk and threat assessment in the most competitive, complex and hostile environments

Our services

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V.I.P protection service

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Police & prison swat training

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Cyber terror solutions

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Special forces training

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Security solutions

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Tactical training

Tactical training

our training system is leading the way in the tactical combat industry. To be the best train only with the best, NEVER OUT OF THE FIGHT
As we train special forces all over the world, we bring them to next level in tactical combat training. we train to survive. If you want real training you have to train with those who have real life experience
In silence there is power. Over 20 years we train the best of the best all over the world

Consulting services

  • Military Strategic Consulting
  • Consulting on Counter Terrorism topics such as:
    Suicide Terrorism/ Global Jihad Modus Operandi/ Post
    Modern Terrorism
  • Consultation for Unit Establishment (Military/
  • Risk Assessment and Threat Analysis of existing
    security and defense arrays while providing
    recommendations for operating procedures,
    implementation processes and technological means
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  • Security and Defense Training
  • Physical Security (VIP Protection and Delegation Protection)
  • Maritime security Solutions
  • Facility security solutions
  • Consulting Services (Strategic and Tactical)
  • Equipment and Technology acquisition and implementation
  • Tactical training for military special forces/ police and prison
    swat units and counter terror units world wide
  • Clandestine & undercover consulting and training.
  • Cyber terrorism solutions.

Choose only the best for your next training And security service

In silence
there is power

Over 20 years we train the best of the best all over the world.